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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Carl Tuttle Testimony

So, in the last few years we have had Carl Tuttle visit our church a couple of times. For those that don't know, he worked very closely with John Wimber right at the beginning of the Vinyard movement having some amazing experiences with God, as you can imagine. He then took over from Wimber as Lead Pastor. Sadly this was the start of a difficult time in Carl's life, but God has turned this around and he is now back ministering and leading worship. When he came to our church the first time it was his first ministry trip abroad in years and was as a result of a word from God and many confirmations! It is pretty clear that God has big plans for his future, as he continues to minister, speak and travel to share the Gospel. 

Carl sent me this video this week which shares some of his testimony. It shows such raw honesty about what he has been through and how Jesus has shaped his life that I really wanted to share it (I have asked his permission!).

It is so humbling to see someone that has been revered and held up in high esteem in Christian Ministry, fall from favour and yet still love and honour Jesus in all he does. There are others who have been in his position, who have fallen, or who have made wrong choices and lost favour, others who just needed help and yet so often they get discarded, left by the wayside to struggle without help. In this testimony Carl says that within all that he learned that all he needed was Jesus, which is such an amazing place to be. But at the same time it's so important to recognise that our Christian leaders need support. And if they fall, they need help, support and love, not condemnation and rejection...

For info, Carl is planning to come back to the UK in October/November if you are interested in hearing him speak. You can also find out more about him at his website. Hope you enjoy the video.


Spencer Huston said...

What a pleasure to find this testimonial! I knew Carl in the early 1990's. My family moved to Santa Maria from Southern California. I had been involved in worship as a keyboard player in church (I was only 15 years old at the time)and we had been advised to search out Carl Tuttle at the Vineyard in Santa Maria. I briefly became part of the worship team at the church. For one reason or another, the Vineyard was not a good fit for myself and my family, so we left. But I always remembered Carl and wondered why the spirit didn't anoint my presence in the music ministry, there. (No grudge... I just never understood) Anyway, I remember when Carl left Santa Maria to take on the church in Anaheim. Years later,I was also dis-hearted to learn of Carl's failures and the toll this took on his personal life... Honestly, I thought, "Great, just another supposed man of God, proven to be less than that." Now, after finding this video, I am so happy to learn that Carl found his way. That through it all, God had a greater plan for his life and ministry and that Carl was man enough to get out of God's way. It takes get humility and courage for Carl to live through all of this. Now, I can only imagine what God can do with this man and his ministry! Thanks for posting this video!

Red said...

Hey Spencer, thanks for the comment. Yeah, he's a good guy, and God is clearly using him :) He's on Facebook too if you want to know more!

Michael Kelley said...

Carl Tuttle was my pastor in Santa Maria in 1989. I was an EGR (Extra Grace Required). I had just came back to the church after many years walking in the gray light of the dawn and I was hungry for the intimacy I found during worship. Sitting in the same room (Jr high school cafeteria) I had sat in twenty years before as a 7th grader I marveled at the irony of me being back there being fed but in a different way. The worship had drawn me there and ministered to my broken heart. I had been without a father's love most of my life and it was there that I learned and felt The Father's (God's) love.

Carl's songs, as well as those from Danny Daniels, Eddie Espinosa, and countless others of the Vineyard Movement, woke in me a desire to draw closer to the Lord and although I didn't fully embrace what God was offering at the time, seeds were planted that only now I am beginning to appreciate.

Seeing this testimony reminded me of how much I love Carl. I appreciate his candor, his witness, and the courage to speak about things with which we ALL can relate.

Thank you, Carl, for sharing your heart brother.