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Monday, 12 November 2012

Women Blogger Rankings// November 2012// Religion & Belief

I'm sorry this is a bit late this month, but November's e-buzzing rankings for Women bloggers in the Religion and Belief category are below. As I said last month, although there is some discussion about their validity, I still think it's encouraging for women bloggers so I will continue to post them. We are down to 18 women in the top 100 in this category, so come on ladies!!
Congrats to Rev Ruth who has zoomed up the list in the last few months, into third position now! well done :)

Blog Title November Rating Change Position
iBenedictines 7 1
Lay Anglicana 18 2
RevRuth 23 3
Revising Reform 27 4
LLM Calling 44 5
The Vicar's Wife 45 6
A Reader in Writing 47 7
Dreaming beneath the spires 48 8
Living Stones 53 9
Looking Deeper 54 10
Talking   Christian  58 11
Living To Please God 62 12
Cyber Soul (Vicky Beeching) 63 13
Learning from Sophie 68 14
Significant Truths 70 15
Seeker 73 16
Tracing Rainbows 80 17
Apples of Gold 97 18


Nancy Wallace said...

Only 18 women in the top UK 100 in Religion and Belief Category on ebuzzing! We're grossly under-represented - and there's come much better UK female Christian bloggers that are not on this list. Anyway - thanks for doing this and thanks for the mention.

Red said...

I agree on all counts, but that might say something about ebuzzing too...