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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Women Blogger Rankings in Religion & Belief // September

It's that time again... Latest ebuzzing ratings out so here are the top women bloggers in the religion and belief category. A few seem to have totally disappeared from the list and lots of movement generally. It's still a mystery to me how they work our their algorithm, but well done to those who have gone up! Those on the list are those that I know to be written by women and are ranked in the religion and belief category via ebuzzing. If you would like to be added to the list do let me know - or if I've missed anything obvious...

Well done particularly to Rev Ruth who was 81 last month and has shot up to 38! Also to Laura at Lay Anglicana, up from 24 to 8, Revising Reform from 72 to 48, and A Reader in Writing from 49 to 31.

Blog Title september rating Progress Position
iBenedictines 5 1
Lay Anglicana 8 2
Cyber Soul (Vicky Beeching) 25 3
Dreaming beneath the spires 26 4
A Reader in Writing 31 5
LLM Calling 37 6
RevRuth 38 7
Looking Deeper 46 8
Revising Reform 48 9
Learning from Sophie 59 10
Living To Please God 60 11
Living Stones 62 12
The Vicar's Wife 73 13
Seeker 74 14
Significant Truths 80 15
Apples of Gold 82 16
Help I Work with Children 85 17
Tracing Rainbows 91 18
Currently unrated:
Read through the Bible with Anita
Anchor and Chaplain
Lesley's Blog
Vicky Beeching (Religion, Ethics and Rock and Roll): faith, ethics and culture
Maggi dawn
Talking christian 


Red said...

Interesting, the debate continues about ebuzzing... Vicky Beeching just tweeted this:
'Have deleted my two blogs from the eBuzzing chart as I found their algorithm is largely a micro-climate chart within eBuzzing itself'
and Opinionated Vicar discusses here: http://davidkeen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/ebuzzing-rankings-for-september-ie.html

Nancy Wallace said...

Thanks for the mention, but I don't know what to make of these statistics. I've moved up slightly but can't see why. Lesley Crawley has now started a new blog - so watch this space for that one I would say.

ramtopsrac said...

Thanks for the mention. Like Red, and given my conversation with the Opinionated Vicar on his post last night, I'm not sure I'm taking these seriously any longer. Pity, as it used to give me some idea as to whether I was writing anything useful. As it is at the moment, there is so much changing in my life and ministry (including the blog title) that I've not been able to post much - which is really why I spotted the incongruousness of my rise up the ranks this month!

Must get back to blogging more regularly if the MA allows, and take a look at years. Nice to "meet" you :-)

Red said...

Hiya and welcome :)
yes its a shame isn't it? everyone seems to be finding the same thing - I was thinking it was just me and maybe my blogging was going down hill! (which it may well be too of course..)
let's see if someone else can come up with a better system or if ebuzzing can sort themselves out. bring back Wikio I say!
Good luck with the MA...
red :)

ramtopsrac said...

Thanks, I need it! Just so you know, I've renamed the blog 'Because God Calls' and hopefully it won't ever need to change again. I've emailed ebuzzing, but whether they notice, I don't know!