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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Being Inspired

A friend just sent me this link to an interview Matt & Beth Redman did with Nicky Gumbel, at HTB last Sunday and I would recommend it to you all!

Before listening I didn't know anything about either of their backgrounds or upbringing, which is strange seeing as they have strong links with our church, having been involved in planting it in the first place, and I personally have some links with their family. So it was quite an eye opener, and so humbling to hear how God has turned their lives around and rescued them both from pain and suffering.

If you are a worship leader, Matt also talks about his heart for worship and how he didn't want to be a worship leader originally, but that he just loved worshipping God.

Society is obsessed with celebrity and fame, and to some extent the modern church is too, we put leaders, worship leaders and pastors on a pedestal. So often we glorify them and not God. So it's really great to hear these two talk so genuinely and honestly about their lives, their love of God, of each other and their family in such an inspiring way.

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