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Friday, 10 August 2012

Finding out about Haiti

So, my daughters school is twinned with one in a very rural part of Haiti. This is largely thanks to a friend of mine who felt God calling her to to Haiti and to make links between these schools. She went out to Haiti earlier this year with another friend and God used them mightily while they were there.

She had an idea to see if some of the kids from our school could meet some Haitian Olympic athletes, and she only went and managed to arrange it!! I don't know how she did it, Gods favour I am sure, and so luckily enough I was able to go with her last week with our kids.

Waiting for the team to arrive!

Presenting them with a banner made by the kids!

It was a totally amazing day and all sorts happened but I want to focus on Haiti itself. Whilst we were with the team it was really interesting chatting to the Chef de Mission (team co-ordinator) about their training and funding and his desire to see more sport in schools there. Bringing hope in places where often there is very little.

Haiti is a small carribean island, and one of the poorest areas in the Americas (according to wikipedia) something which my friends experienced first hand whilst they were there. As most know the island was hit by a massive earthquake in 2010 in which over 200,000 people died (some estimates put it at nearer 300,000) and it destroyed much of the capital Port au Prince. More rurally many places were harder hit because buildings were not as substantial.

The school which my friends went to visit is up in the hills outside port au prince. The school is overseen by Yverose, and her husband, who gave up everything to come and help after the earthquake. The school employs several teachers and they even manage to give the kids a meal each day as many of them would not eat otherwise. Not only did they get the school up and running but they took in children whose parents were killed in the earthquake. They currently look after over 20 plus children and live totally by faith, trusting in God for all their needs. They do not have regular support from larger humanitarian organisations but get occasional help from the UN and from people like my friends raising money for them. For more info, you can see their Facebook page.

It's sad that after so many natural disasters we see masses of initial reporting and then there are those left to pick up the pieces and deal with the every day issues - those committed to help in forgotten places and then those like my friends who do notice the needs, from the other side of the world, and do something about it.

Haiti is still suffering hugely, over 2 years on from the earthquake, and that doesn't look like changing in a hurry, so let's not forget there are still those out there that need help and support.

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