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Monday, 16 July 2012

Women Blogger Stats in 'Religion & Belief'

Some time ago, the lovely Lesley, at Lesley's Blog used to publish the stats for women blogging in the religion and belief category via the Wikio rankings. Sadly she is no longer doing this and so I thought it was about time someone did! It's always been an encouragement to me, to know there are other women out there blogging in the same area and I hope others will find it so too.

So here are my first results, which are pretty brief but hopefully by next month I will be up on how to do funky graphics and flow charts...;)

This list is formed from info given to me by Lesley and from the now 'e-buzzing' site (was Wikio). I apologise for anyone I have missed out, so do please let me know if you are a woman blogging in this category and would like to be included in future lists. There are also a few missing from the last list Lesley did in Nov 2011, as they now don't appear on the e-buzzing lists. Again, if you think I have missed you off, do shout!

I've also not iuncluded previous rankings as there has been such a gap since they were done.

So The Top 20 women bloggers in the religion and belief category are:
(actually it's 19 as the other's are not ranked!)

Blog Title July 2012 rating Position
iBenedictines 6 1
Vicky Beeching 14 2
Lay Anglicana 28 3
Dreaming beneath the spires 34 4
Maggi dawn 37 5
LLM Calling 43 6
A Reader in Writing 51 7
Learning from Sophie 52 8
Looking Deeper 53 9
The Vicar's Wife 56 10
Living Stones 58 11
Living To Please God 65 12
Apples of Gold 75 13
Tracing Rainbows 81 14
Seeker 83 15
Significant Truths 84 16
Revising Reform 88 17
RevRuth 96 18
Help I Work with Children 108 19
Currently unrated:
Read through the Bible with Anita
Anchor and Chaplain
Lesley's Blog


Lay Anglicana said...

Many thanks Red- it is a good and companionable way of keeping up with each other.(I have shared on Google+ and Facebook)

Lucy Mills said...

Ahhh...this makes me nostalgic for Lesley's charts! Thanks for taking up the baton Red x

Red said...

Hi Laura and Lucy, no probs, been thinking about it for a while! Lucy, will try to get some charts up for next month!!

David Cloake said...

As I did with Lesley so I do here, and question the basic rationale of compiling such a chart. To be sure, all of these blogs are good blogs and their writers good and wonderful people - but why is it important to determine a list in a way that amplifies gender?

This troubles me. I thought this social media lark got beyond this - that we were all equal, and only distinctive by virtue of our words, not our breasts or lack thereof. I wonder how a 'men only' ranking would be received in the world? I sense not well.

That all said, I love the blog, and I couldn't care a jot if you were a lady blogger or an amoeba blogger :)

Red said...

lol! David you do make me laugh !!(sorry for lack of mature understanding...)
I am not saying women are any better bloggers than men or that we should celebrate womens blogging over mens, but lets face it men and women are different. We do lots of things differently and writing is one of them, women bring something to blogging that men dont. Yes ok,we all bring something different, regardless of race, colour, sex or otherwise. But we really can go too far with the whole, 'we musn't celebrate this for fear of offeindng others' thing. Personally I don't see any problem with a mens bloggers list (a challenge for you...?) likewise I have no problem with mens clubs or men only golf clubs, the MOBO awards or anything else that celebrates our differences, rather then making a negative out of them
Really, what is the big deal!!? There are far more important discrimination issues to worry about. This is light hearted but celebrating women who blog...
red ;)

Red said...

PS: thanks for nice words about blog - yours is pretty good too... ;)

Lay Anglicana said...

This comment is really addressed to David - one of the reasons why we like to have a separate list of women bloggers is to keep track of how many there are in the top 100. This month, from Red's figures, I make that 18 women - leaving 82% of bloggers in this category male. 'Nuff said? :)

David Cloake said...

Red, thank you! In many ways it isn't a big deal, but it is perhaps (and was in Dr Crawley nee Fellowes time) still ultimately rooted in ''us wimmin are subjugated by you men".

Laura, that 80% of Chrsitian blogs are written by men could just as easily (and more accurately) justify the view (and I am being naughty here for effect, so bear with me) that women are either lazy or technophobic. As you did, as I do, as a nun in a convent does, so we are all equally able to obtain a blog and write. The percentages tell an altogether different story to one of 'minority' and of a remnant to be highlighted.

Yes, celebrate women bloggers. Let us celebrate bloggers whatever their chromosomal composition. I'd love a list again, and not one written purely by a conservative Evangelical that seems only to be populated by blogging conservative evangelicals (other bloggers are available) - but one like Church 'Mouse used to do. Sadly, the effect of a list like this is that it is in danger of claiming a disparity that simply doesn't exist, or else amplifies a division that doesn't need to be made.

I am now going to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. Laura just gave me that look. Love you all!

Suem said...

Thanks Red!
It's quite an encouragement for me to be on the list at all as I've been a bit lax on the blogging front recently and even worse at reading other blogs- though I have been trying to catch up with these.

David Cloake said...

Disclaimer: this bloke does not the view that women are lazy or technophobic save for those few who are lazy and technophobic. My examples were purely illustrative.

Back to my corner!

Red said...

hehehe! loving this exchange... ;)
my friend has a dog who when it's bad gets told 'in your corner..' (in stern barbara woodhouse voice with emphasis on 'in'...)
aside from that, I'm not about to burn my bra, and this is not coming from the view that 'us wimmin are subjugated...' just so you know...;)
but I will be repeating it next month, and the one after....

David Cloake said...

And thank you for allowing me safety to express this view. That wasn't always the case elsewhere. I got lynched once for trying to imply that we were all equal!

And insofar as I have my own view, I delight in your continued work supporting bloggers. In the end, we are better for your efforts - whether we have boobs or balls.

Ps glad you aren't burning your upper-decker flopper stoppers. They are expensive apparently.

Red said...


Nancy Wallace said...

Thanks for the mention. Having posted less recently and fallen considerably in the ebuzzing rankings I was surprised to discover from your post that I'm at no. 15 among female bloggers. I don't like to think I'm competitive but I must be as reading your post has encouraged me to keep going. It may be there are more men high in the Religion and Belief ratings because those men are better bloggers or (more likely) more blog on this topic and/or less cautious about self-promotion? It would be healthier to see a fairly even balance between men and women in say the top 100. While women are currently so under-represented it's good to encourage each other - but not by belittling or complaining against men.

Red said...

Hi Nancy
Nice to hear from you :)
I have fallen too, not blogging as much but also I think e-buzzing work things out differently to Wikio because some of their figures seem disproportionate. I don't think its just about how often you blog though, they take into account links and back links etc (dont ask me to explain I never could understand it all!). I do think there are just generally more men blogging, wouldn't like to say why but you are right it would be nice to see more women in there.
Glad you feel encouraged - that was the whole point of doing it!! watch out for next month!
red x