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Thursday, 7 June 2012

discernment and beyond...

So, it's official I have told the DDO that I would like to wait a year until I begin studying. Has to be formally okayed by the Bishop and Ministry Division, but he didn't think it would be a problem.

We have decided this for several reasons, one of which is that there are still so many things I would like to do, or to explore before being tied down, and let's face it once I start studying it will be 10 years minimum before I can get any extended time off and it's unlikely I would have time to explore other ideas outside of studying or ministry.

So here's a few of the things I would like to do, and I would really love to hear any other suggestions of things to do or people to see!

1: Visit somewhere the Holy Spirit is really moving (and I mean really... hugely, massivley, undeniably)

2: Visit and spend time in some other 'pioneering' ministries, to see what/how/why etc

3: Spend some time with women doing pioneering stuff in the CofE

4: There are a couple of people who I have read about/heard of who I would like to do some work shadowing with (won't name them yet as have not been in touch with them yet, but will do so in due course!)

5: Be a bit (more) crazy for God, spend time getting out there, praying for people, in Tesco, in the street, in the dentists... spreading some crazy love!

6: Do a mission trip abroad (and not just a one off but potentially something I could form a relationship with)

Any other ideas....?


nicolahulks said...

Sounds great Red. All the best for an action packed year that really shapes your future ministry! xx

Emma Major said...

Oh how I love this; I took a year after training and before licensing and it was the most important part of my three years. Enjoy, live, love and follow where God leads.

Red said...

thanks guys.
Emma, good to hear as people seem to expect me to be going for it right now! redx