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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Praying for a Miracle

What a week this has been... those who follow me on twitter will know that I heard on Thursday that I have been accepted for training in the CofE. People keep saying 'oh you must be over the moon' and 'are you celebrating?'. well the truth is no, not yet...
Regular readers will know that I have posted a few times about our lovely friend Nix who is battling terminal cancer. On Monday they were told she had a week max.

However whilst this is devastating news in earthly terms, they and we, are absolutely believing for a miracle. I feel like I have never had so much faith before, it is quite extraordinary! There have been so many amazing words given to her and others about her future, some from people who don't even know her or that she is ill. A 24/7 prayer room has been set up to pray for her and it has been such a privelige praying for her and her family, in such amazing, God filled, peaceful surroundings. Some of the prayer times that have been had this week have been the most holy and spirit filled that I have ever known. God is up to something that is in no doubt!

I go to a fresh expression church, where we hire a school each sunday, so much of our prayer time has taken part in a summer house or the local parish church. It was quite amazing this week to gather with other members of our church in the traditional parish church and just cry out to God for this healing miracle. Such a profound and powerful time. God has spoken to me more this week than ever before, perhaps because I am listening more, perhaps because I am spending more time seeking him, but either way it has been, as I said before, quite extraordinary.

And so here I am, about to walk a new and exciting path.. God spoke to me so clearly on Wednesday that I knew when I got the call from the DDO that it would be a 'yes'. And so there is no real sense of celebration, just a real knowing that I am on the right path, exactly the one that God has put me on, that all of this is happening just as God intended it to. Like all the pieces of the picture are being put into place and the image is just getting clearer and clearer.

I believe that Nix will not die. I believe it's no coincidence that this is Pentecost weekend. I will not be celebrating my news, but when the Holy Spirit shows up and heals her, there will be the most amazing celebration ever...

There is so much more...


Nancy Wallace said...

I'm pleased to hear you have been recommended for ordination training and that you have a sense of this being the path God is putting before you. As you say, not necessarily the right time for celebration since matters of life and death must take precedence. Seeking God and praying for healing in the face of death is a privilege and a challenge. May God bless all of you who are involved. I am sure it is always right to pray for healing, but also to trust the outcome to God.

Judy said...

Hi Red,

Your post is so inspirational. I pray God heals Nix. In these times, God shows up the most. He's closest to us in our times of trials. So much so, you almost want to have a trial so you can experience His awesome presence that you wouldn't have experienced when the sun is shining.

May God bless you in your new endeavors.


Perpetua said...

So pleased that you have been recommended, Red, but as you say, it isn't the time to celebrate when your friend is so very ill. My prayers are with all concerned.