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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BAP and all that..

Just a quick post, but as I am about to go to BAP (selection conference for the CofE) I have been wondering about others experiences. So I would love to ask people to write a guest post. So if you have been to BAP (within the last 10 years or so... with either a positive or negative outcome!) I would love to hear from you... Please feel free to pass this on to people you know, I'd like to get a wide range of experiences if poss!


David Cloake said...

Did mine in 2006, successfully I might add. Happy to help!

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Mine was a sublime experience in that regardless of the outcome I found myself enjoying the company of the others and the conversations with the selectors.


Red said...

So Vic are you up for writing a guest post for the blog? if so can you send me your email address - DM via twitter might work! I'm @redjules
Only need one more, be great if you were it!! x