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Thursday, 8 March 2012

2 year blogging round up: some stats!

So following on from yesterday I was looking at the stats for my blog over the last 2 years... Funny to see what has got the most or least hits, most comments or no comments... Heres a few stats:

Number of posts written to date: 374

Total number of page views to date: 20,448 (wow! I had no idea!!)

Busiest months, with most views: June 2011 and Feb 2012

Most hits top 3:
Harry Potter & Christianity: July 2011 1,194 views
Human Trafficking: the true horror: May 2011, 734 views
Moses & Me Feb 2012: 338 views

note to self -write more about major films and you get more hits...

Most hits are from the UK - closely followed by the US and Canada, but also with views from Russia, India, Philippines and Norway...

Most Debate:
Does all sin come from the devil: 23 comments
Creationism vs Evolution: 18 comments
The Dying Church: 17 comments
10 Reasons why not to be a vicar: 15 comments
Disappointment with God: 13 comments

Note to self: write about theological stuff and you get more interaction...

Most used tags (of a total of 1376!) - & I didn't start tagging until I had been blogging for a while)

God - 18
church - 13
Prayer - 8
women - 8
Church of England - 7
Jesus - 6


and lastly some interesting search terms that directed people to my blog:

- honest blog post about eating disorder
- rebel (hmm that probably says something)
- devil pitchfork (!)
- holy thoughts that star the night
- is bloody a swear word? (I still say no!!)


Jo Royal said...

Interesting! I love seeing what people put into google - that somehow directs them to my blog - some really obscure things!!
2 years! Good work! Keep it up :)

Nancy Wallace said...

Congratulations on 2 years blogging and more posts than I've managed in nearly 3 years. I also seem to get more hits in June and February - can't understand why. I enjoy reading your blog - hope you continue.