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Thursday, 8 March 2012

2 year blogging round up: some stats!

So following on from yesterday I was looking at the stats for my blog over the last 2 years... Funny to see what has got the most or least hits, most comments or no comments... Heres a few stats:

Number of posts written to date: 374

Total number of page views to date: 20,448 (wow! I had no idea!!)

Busiest months, with most views: June 2011 and Feb 2012

Most hits top 3:
Harry Potter & Christianity: July 2011 1,194 views
Human Trafficking: the true horror: May 2011, 734 views
Moses & Me Feb 2012: 338 views

note to self -write more about major films and you get more hits...

Most hits are from the UK - closely followed by the US and Canada, but also with views from Russia, India, Philippines and Norway...

Most Debate:
Does all sin come from the devil: 23 comments
Creationism vs Evolution: 18 comments
The Dying Church: 17 comments
10 Reasons why not to be a vicar: 15 comments
Disappointment with God: 13 comments

Note to self: write about theological stuff and you get more interaction...

Most used tags (of a total of 1376!) - & I didn't start tagging until I had been blogging for a while)

God - 18
church - 13
Prayer - 8
women - 8
Church of England - 7
Jesus - 6


and lastly some interesting search terms that directed people to my blog:

- honest blog post about eating disorder
- rebel (hmm that probably says something)
- devil pitchfork (!)
- holy thoughts that star the night
- is bloody a swear word? (I still say no!!)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blogging Birthday!

So I just realised I missed my blog birthday! It was 28th Feb - I have now been blogging here about my faith journey for 2 years! That 2 years has been the most amazing adventure with Jesus. I started this blog (having done a couple before) having had a huge renewal of faith and being inspired by all God was doing. I wanted it to be a record of what I was experiencing. What I didn't plan for was the online community, networking, challenging comments and posts and most of all the support I get from people reading. Thanks so much to all of you, it really does mean a lot and I know what happens on this little online commnity has really impacted my journey. It's both interesting and funny to look at where I was and see how God has moved me on in this time... sometimes in huge and unexpected ways!

So I started this having just had a big encounter with Jesus. I was hungry. I had doubts. I had questions, I was probably a pain in the butt. Now here I am, possibly about to enter ministry training, praying in tongues, seeing people healed, getting words of knowledge from God for people... Phew! Love Love Love my God and King....

So here are a few posts that were landmarks in the last 2 years...

My first few posts were about what was going on in our lives including my testimony:
first post
my testimony

Over the last 2 years I have recognised a calling on my life and have written many posts about the calling and the process one goes through when finally admitting it! The first of these posts:  a calling?  I laugh at now. I even wrote: 'Thanks guys. Maybe we will look back at this post in a year and think, well there you go - God had a plan all along! although I am kind of hoping not as I'm sure you can tell :)' how funny that now I have totally accepted it - a total U-turn!!

In 10 reasons not to be a vicar  you can see I was still struggling with it all!! so funny to look back on now though... and the point of acceptance: life changes

learning to speak in tongues (something that I now do daily!)

illness something else I have written quite a lot about is being ill with CFS (although I didn't know thats what it was originally...

On loving the Church of England - was good I re-read this - I needed reminding...;)

Volte Face a phrase God has used regularly to show me things over this period!

Being Still - learning to be in Gods presence :)

getting zapped by the Holy Spirit...

Such an amazing journey and I long for so much more. More of Jesus in my life, more of Jesus in me, more of Jesus obvious in me to the world around me...