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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 10: Church Set Up

A vid today instead of a photo!

So, I have mentioned before that our church meets in a Sports Hall, rather than a church building. This is because it began as a Fresh Expression in someone's living room and it has graduated through the years to hiring a school.. This little vid gives a small snapshot of what has to be set up every Sunday morning, usually with people meeting from 8am to set up for a 10.30 service.
Tomorrow we are having a panto (sort of mixed with a nativity), which means we have extra set up - 2 screens rather than one, 2 stages, a choir, larger band, all of which means lots of extra mikes/speakers/wires..... So we set up today instead. It's at times like these I wish we had our own  building...

Sorry about the stupid commentary...

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