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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas in pictures...

Ok, so feeling like my blog needs a new lease of life I am going to take and post a picture a day over the festive period...!
Here is the first.

This is my daughter's school Christmas tree, which the kids get to decorate after school each year, and today was the day. It's always a scrum, broken baubles, lights that don;t work and sometimes with kids actually throwing stuff at the tree!  We have even been banned fromj using real greenery by the school caretaker as it makes so much mess!!
The first few years I was involved I used to go round and tidy the tree up, but to be honest nothing can improve it. If this was in my house I would have to change it, or in fact remove it all together it would offend me so much ;)
But what I love about it is the enthusiasm the kids have for all things Christmas related. Whether it's the dressing up, the nativity, the singing of Christmas songs (anyone else sick of little donkey already...?) and the excitement of advent calendars. Advent should be a time of preparation, hoping, fasting  traditionally. I'm not sure the kids get all that, but they do 'get' the waiting and the preparation, with each week something else festive going on to bring them closer to the day itself.

So this tree (eye-sore that it is...) is symbolising joy, excitement and enthusiasm :)


Thecurateswife said...

Brilliant - the tree made me smile after a long day at work, beats all those designer trees!

Perpetua said...

I agree. A bit overenthusiastic with the tinsel, perhaps, but an eyesore? Never. Mind you, I hate designer trees with a passion. All style and no heart. This tree has heart. :-)

T.C. said...

That's pretty much what the tree in our house usually looks like!

Red said...

lol! thanks all :)