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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas in pictures 2: slowing down

Day 2:
well I managed to keep this going for at least 2 days...  So, todays picture is pretty poor quality, it was taken by my daughter who was laughing! But I love it because it just catches a moment in family life. Yes, it is me, and I was playing draughts with my youngest, last night.

God has really been teaching me about slowing down over the last year or so, about taking rest, and about prioritising. That is partly why I have not been blogging lately. What I have found is the time to enjoy life, to enjoy being with my kids, to not be rushing them off every here, there, and every where, to just slow down. And moments like in this photo, just stopping for a game of draughts are fab.
Don't get me wrong this hasn't been some dramatic instant turn around, I think I have been fighting God on this for some time. I've been saying, 'oh yes, I am slowing down, doing less', but in reality still not stopping to actually listen to him. And yet in the last few weeks something has finally got through. I'm not entirely sure what or how, but I recognise that when I stop and first give time to God, then I am a much calmer, peaceful and nicer person the rest of the time. I have time to sit and spend with the kids without thinking about all the stuff I need to do. I am less anxious. I am more balanced. And life seems much more enjoyable! Oh, long may this continue....


Perpetua said...

Really glad you are managing to slow down and take time for yourself, Red. The picture is lovely. Who won?

Red said...

thanks Perpetua, yes me too!!
my daughter won (although there may have been some inadvertent moves to 'allow' her to take muy pieces!!)x