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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas in Pics: gingerbread house :)

No Christmas is complete without gingerbread! My youngest made this from a  kit we bought at the school fair. And it kind of reminds me of Christmas...
 It was all planned out, pieces made and put in place, but it didn't quite fit together right, partly from lack of patience and partly because it wasn't exactly cut out right. It took far longer to put together than initially thought and once done it is rather wonky but still lovely. It is of course comnpletely over the top, decorated to excess, but with love and with lots of sweets.... But when it comes to the eating, it is delicious and fun :)  not sure the analogy works 100% but hopefully you get where I am heading.... ;)


Perpetua said...

What fun, red. I just love gingerbread.

Off to stay with family tomorrow, but before I go I just want to wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Christmas.

Red said...

Bless you Perpetua, and a very Happy Christmas to you too.

Rhoda said...

That's a beautiful gingerbread house! I have seen them in recipe books and thought they looked a nightmare to make lol. It looks yummy though! I hope you had a good Christmas!

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