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Thursday, 6 October 2011

So much hate, so little time..

I am really saddened as I write this. I just saw a tweet making fun of Westboro Baptist Church for annoucing that they will picket Steve Jobs funeral, tweeted using an iphone... That is bad enough, and indicitive of the hypocrisy at work within their organisation. However it is not that, that I found so bad - that is just quite funny. I followed the link out of curiosity and a few links later I arrive at a truly awful website.

My goodness if that website isn't the very pit of hell I don't know what is. Such vitriol and hatred. I cannot begin to descrie how I felt looking at the site, I mean I don't think I am naive but I am amazed that people would feel so happy with these kind of opinions that they would even put their names to it.
For example:

blank blank has no hope of heaven, and you know it. Yet, you refuse to tell him the truth and enable him in his sin. God Hates Fags and Fag-Enablers alike -- you are all worthy of death (hell). Read the words!

..and then I read lists of US soldiers funerals they are planning to picket, presumably simply because they were gay. These men have fought for their country and this is the reaction they get, pickets at their funeral? I am all in favour of free speech but surely this is illegal? Surely it is inciting hatred and potentially violence?

The Church in general has a lot to answer for, but this...? No wonder people get so angry with the church in general.

I just don't even know where to direct my anger with this, I expect it's not new to many of you, but I just cannot imagine how these people think that they are Christians and doing Gods work and yet be filled with such hatred. Regardless of what you think about homosexuality, God tells us to love. God is Love. How could a God of love be encourgaing people to such hatred and anger? Not my God that's for sure.

I have removed the domain name of the website I found (above), after it was flagged up as blocked, but I did feel unsure about including it originally, as the last thing I wanted to do was publicise it.


Nancy Wallace said...

The idea of picketing anyone's funeral is particularly repulsive. Where is the compassion for those who mourn?

Iccle Anne said...

I've seen a few videos about the Westboro baptist church, and it's all very sad, they are so blind and angry. I doubt that all of the soldiers whose funerals they are picketing, are all gay. They are basically against anyone that's not them. If you're not on THEIR side, then you are against them and God. They do not demonstrate Gods forgiveness or love in anyway. They disown people from their own family if they step away from their values. One of their picket signs said "God hates Easter". I'd love to know what Bible they read, because it can't be the same as the rest of us!

By the way, hi, this is the first time I've commented on your blog. I hope you don't mind but I've been reading it for a month or two now! I was looking for some female bloggers who were Christians in the UK, as many of the bloggers I followed were American.

Red said...

thanks for the comments. Sorry I think I was having a bit of a rant yesterday!
Hi Iccle Anne, nice to see you here and of course feel free to comment, I welcome it! Must check out your blog too. red x