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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Simple Pleasures

Since giving up my business and being at home more often I have really noticed the simple pleasures of life. I can't believe I spent so much time running around after other people that I missed these without batting an eye lid. What a shame it would have been to get to old age and only then realise what I had missed...

: Baking crumble with freshly picked bramleys
: Picking the bramleys out of a neighbours box, placed outside their gate ;)
: The smell of the air when rain is on it's way
: Cuddling up in bed with my littlest kids for story time
: Playing football in the park with no.2
: Watching no.2 in school matches (and being the loudest mum on the sidelines even though I hardly know what is going on!!)
: Sitting on my sofa in the middle of the day with a cuppa, my cat, and a bible
: Silence
: Going for a run in the woods in the daytime
: Looking for conkers
: Ironing (ok so thats weird but I have gone from hating it to actually finding it rather pleasing. Even made my hubby get me a new iron and board as I finally realised how rubbish the old ones were!)
: The smell of washing, dried on the outside line
: Taking a flask to the park, watching the kids play while I have my tea :)
: The fact that my house is tidy and there are not huge piles everywhere to be dealt with
: Having time to spend with friends
: My bed. I can appreciate it now as a place of rest and not insomnia (most of the time..)
: Doing my daughters hair in something other than a quick pony tail in the morning!
: Radio 2 breakfast show
: dreaming up colour schemes to redecorate the house

the list could go on...  I'm actually feeling rather lousy today with the start of a cold and needed to remind myself!


Anita said...

I enjoyed the tidiness and sense of order the most after
we cut down from 2 jobs to just 1. Bliss!

T.C. said...

What a beautiful way to spend a day.....I was given some apples weeks ago, they went bad before I had time to do anything with them! I was just annoyed that people thought I would have time to bake! I feel bad now, cos I LOVE apple & blackberry crumble :(

Anonymous said...

sounds like those apples of gold are just being set in places of silver!!

Perpetua said...

Glad to know someone else loves the smell of washing dried outdoors, Red :-) I can really identify with your list of simple pleasures as so many of them are what I love, now that I'm retired. Enjoy....