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Sunday, 11 September 2011

to routine or not to routine...

Well the post holiday blogging has not gone entirely to plan as it is now a week since my last post! The first week of term has been rather hectic with no.2 starting a new school and lots of new info to take in, parents meetings and various pick up times. Finally I come to Sunday afternoon and the kids are busy with friends and I have time to take stock. I have been considering giving up blogging (seems to be the 'in' thing at the mo) and I think it is because I cannot do anything by halves, I give my all to things so when I blog I want to be able to blog every day, and about all  things. Which is just not possible at the mo. On hols I was thinking about trying to cope with the CFS and potentially putting my life into a strict routine. Which is fine in terms of what time we get up and the kids go to bed etc, but I am a spontaneous person so I am not good with the idea of having a rigid timnetable (I expect it has something to do with not resepcting authority too!) So enforcing a routine upon myself would not be easy. But I think it is necessary. And it is something that I think God has been showing me, so I really should give it a go. But even the thought of actually planning my weekly timetable gives me the shivers and I have to say I have been putting it off.

This week I went to a presentation about CFS. which I shall blog on later, but one of the things they talked about was planning your day according to your symptoms and what you find tiring or energising. Totally makes sense of course but made me want to scream! I have written about not wanting to be defined by my illness and this is exactly what they are suggesting. In order to plan I have to acknowledge my weaknesses.

So this week I am going to plan my routine. I am not looking forward to it, but my first job has been to actually plan a time to plan the routine, which is tomorrow morning. (so if I start tweeting or posting copiously in the morning please do ask me what on this earth I am doing!)


Perpetua said...

Red,perhaps you need to ask yourself then whether you find blogging energising or tiring and act accordingly? Also perhaps ask yourself WHY you blog - is it to say something worth saying or just to get something out there every day?

When I started blogging I never intended it to be an every-single-day thing and it certainly hasn't turned out like that this summer. I blog when I have something to say and don't worry (too much) when time goes by without my having posted.

Your posts are often thought-provoking and always worth reading, even when I disagree with you :-) I would miss them if they stopped and would always read them with pleasure however infrequently they appeared.

I realise that infrequent posting doesn't do much for your stats, but blogging is about so much more than stats and rankings, thank goodness.

Red said...

bless you Perpetua :) you are right and I did write about blog stats before going away on hols, and it was a relief, giving myself a reason not to blog while away! But I came back full of stuff to write on, with not enough time to write! It's about balance I am sure - which so far I am failing on ;)