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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blogging Break

Recently I noticed my blog stats were down. And I was irritated with myself for being bothered by this. But still I decided to make a concerted effort to blog every day. Then I realised we would be away this month and that would not help my stats. So then I thought, well I will have to write double the posts and schedule them for when we're away...
and then I thought... GET A LIFE WOMAN!!!!

So with that I am taking a break... we're not off 'til next week...), when my lovey brother comes to house sit for us, but I am starting early! I am deliberatley affecting my stats and Wikio ranking but I DON'T CARE!! (well maybe a little bit, but I'll get over it..)
I will undoubtedly not be able to drag myself away from twitter, and if you so wish you can find me @redjules
Cornish surf here I come...

Otherwise see you all in September :)


MadPriest said...

Missing you already :-)

Rhoda said...

Haha you made me laugh :)

It is horrible how suddenly no-one reads your blog when you don't post on it isn't it... makes a lot of sense tho' lol!

I think you're very sensible, and hope you have a lovely break. And I will definitely read your blog when you come back! Are you going surfing? That would be so much fun I'll be jealous if you are :)

Nancy Wallace said...

Enjoy the break. It's easy to take too much notice of blog stats isn't it? Why they go up and down is a mystery to me, not always related to quality or frequency of posting. Your loyal followers will look forward to your next post, whenever that comes.