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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Ok here's another interesting 'fact' from Schotts Original Miscellany..
Again it caught my eye because it is referring to something usually frowned upon by the church, this time referring to something magical. And it is the word 'Abracadbra'...

So Schotts book talks about the fact that the word Abracadabra, particularly when written in triangular form, has been thought to have healing powers. His suggestion is because it repeats the letters ABRA,  as he says, a possible reference to the Hebrew words signifying Father, Son and Holy Spirit - Ab, Ben & Rauch Acadosh.  As yet I have not studied Hebrew so I cannot comment on the accuracy of his claim, or indeed whether it is his claim or anothers, but I find it amusing that this is a word that can get peoples hackels up in Chritian circles and yet it seems it could come from a Christian root after all.

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