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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Random facts: divinaton

I have recently been seeking inspiration for artwork in odd places.. tonight it has been Schotts Original Miscellany', which I always find hugely funny and occasionally interesting...
So tonight I stumbled across a list of techniques of divination.
Divination being:
div·i·na·tion (dv-nshn)
1. The art or act of foretelling future events or revealing occult knowledge by means of augury or an alleged supernatural agency.

2. An inspired guess or presentiment.

3. Something that has been divined.
The bible clearly tells us that divination is wrong. In my naiveity the only time I had heard the term used previously was when my dad talked about water divining...;)  So I was surprised  at the extent of this list which I won't print in full but includes:
Anthroposcopy: Observing facial features
Augury: Behaviour of birds
Osteomancy: Studying bones
Arithmancy: Analysis of numbers
Bibliomancy: Interpretatation of random (often biblical) texts
Pegomancy: looking at fountains and springs
Ornithomancy: Studying patterns in the flight of birds
Well I had no idea... all I can say is that if you are studying the flight of birds and ashes or bones to try and predict the future, then that is far more nuts than believing that a guy who rose from the dead 200 years ago can speak to us all today...
That said, in several places the bible suggest that divination does work, but just that God doesn't like it. But how muchb does he not like it? and how much do we do today that could be seen as a form of divination? forecasting the weather? future patterns in the stars, even looking at body language...
At the risk of being contraversial, one could say that prayer is divination, couldn't one? I mean speaking to a higher, supernatural force, and often hoping to discern the future in the process?  Even the word 'divine' is suggestive of God, perhaps not our God, but a God or divine being...

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