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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ministry of movies

Most Important Moviephoto © 2010 Mike Licht | more info (via: Wylio)
Seeing as I am rather tired at the mo, my evenings have got to the point where I have an inability to focus on anything much. Which means I am often resorting to the TV, to veg out for an hour before bed. Despite having several hundreds of channels on our telly I have discovered that in the years since I was a regular evening TV viewer they seem to have done away with anything approaching half decent programming. I mean what is going on? Surely there must be some talented producers and writers out there (actually there are - my cousin is one..).

Anyway.. the point is that we have begun to watch movies instead. Having sky plus (say what you ilke about Murdoch this isa  brilliant invention) I can record decent ones when they come along, but we have also invested in a LoveFilm package. I am slightly scatty with my choices, I just click on anything that looks vaguely interesting and wait and see what arrives! So in the last few weeks we have watched Good Will Hunting, Eclipse (from the Twiglet series as my husband says), Slumdog Millionaire and Up.

Obviously the idea of this is to not be concentrating too much, so as you can see they are not too high brow ;) but the funny thing is that actually I think God has been speaking to me through them all. That or it's a sign that actually I can't switch off... I am sure it has occured to all you ministers out there, but movies are a great way of teaching the Gospel!  An example from a well known movie, makes it all the more contemporary and instantly puts the message on the level of the average person on the street.

If this continues by the time I get ordained all my sermons will have a cinematic theme...:)

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