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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

good quotes

Ok I need some help blogging friends...! I am finally being creative again after about 8 months off from all things arty. (Quite hard for an artist...)  Anyway, I've always had an obsession with fonts and text, but never really found a way to use them in my work. So now I am... but I need some inspiring, yet short, quotes that I can use in my work. I'd like to use things that could be religious but not overtly. Hinting at love for example or creation or goodness or something...! Not explaining this well but for example: 'Love is Enough...'

Any ideas? If I use your suggestion I will send you a print of the work once its done :)
thank you!


Caradeo said...

I've been using the devotional book Streams in the Desert for inspiration. Try selecting your favorite book and challenge yourself to create something based on a quote that stands out to you.

Brokenleggedlamb said...

I find a lot of good quotes on this website:


Some are longer than others, but there are certainly plenty to go at!

Red said...

thanks guys and welcome!