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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Blog Stats

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It's Saturday night and I have nothing better to do than browse my blog stats... ok that's not true but I just got side tracked... and actually they are rather interesting. Because I thought the posts with the most comments would be the most popular, but apparently not...! So just incase you are interested, these are the top 10 posts from my blog (over the last 14 months or so..) Top 10 as in they received the most hits..

This came out of a post at another blog which raised concerns over a new leaflet about the subject of the title. Funny that this is the top post as it only had 2 comments, one of which is mine!

Being surprised by diappointment..

During my 'in denial' phase about being called into ministry, this post was all the objections I kept putting in the way...!

Discussing faith with an atheist!

The 'O' word... 21/09/11
more on the calling 'saga'
a very moving video...
is it ok?

Illness 26/1/11
a personal battle..
the age old question of suffering..

Speaking in tongues 29/09/10
it happened to me!
And in terms of the posts with the most comments:

Creationism vs evolution: 18 comments
Does all sin come from the devil 23 comments

I think what this shows is that theological issues and my personal issues have the most interest... so you are all either nosy voyeurs or theological debaters!
I don't think I have a favourite post but I did enjoy writing the ones about feeling called as they really helped me out personally and I really appreciated all the comments and advice.  I also have really appreciated all the kind thoughts about my illness, it makes me realise that blogging is not just a 'virtual' thing...

I love that people interact with my blog, so thank you for reading and commenting and please continue to do so :) I am really loving blogging, and I plan to continue for a long time to come!


Rhoda said...

That's very interesting - thanks for sharing!

Perpetua said...

Red, your top post may well be top because of Google search hits, not people following it. That happened to one of my posts and pushed it high on my list of popular posts, well above other posts with far more comments.

Red said...

that would make sense I guess as google is one of the highest referring. thanks!x