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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sweet Sleep

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24
What is it about getting older that makes you love your bed so much? 10 years ago I would have done anything to stay up late, to go out, fill every spare second... Now, I practically long for my bed in the evenings. Am I just getting old?
I made a comment to a friend the other day about the fact that I think I am having a love affair with my bed. It just sounded a bit wrong...! But seriously I am. Is this just since being ill? I don't know, maybe it's since having kids, maybe it is just getting older (hate to admit it) but I really need my bed. I aim to be in bed by 9.30 of an evening, giving me half an hour to read before putting my head down. Yes that's 9.30pm. 9 bloomin' 30. I mean what??? I went to bed at 9.30 when I was 14, not 37... And I love it, I don't go under sufference thinking I really should go to bed now. I love it. I love snuggling up under the duvet, especially when it's cold enough to put on the electric blanket. Yes that's right, I own an electric blanket. And before you throw any kind of ageist jibes at me, I tell you, try it for yourself, It is utter bliss getting in to a warm bed... :)
I have no idea where this post is going... Maybe I shall write a series of posts on the joys of getting older, except that implies some sense of acceptance ;) 


Perpetua said...

Dear Red, don't panic - it's not your age, it's the combination of being a busy mother and having been ill. When I was working and the children were still at home, I used to long for my bed by the evening, even if i wasn't ill. Now at 65 and retired, I have to be shooed to bed by DH and even then I'll usually read for a while before I feel sleepy enough to lie down.

Red said...

oh good, there is hope then!!

T.C. said...

Sleep is like a drug for me at the moment, I have two hours in the afternoon and am still desperate for bed at 10pm.

It used to really bother me and I felt so guilty about it, but I have been told to accept this is a season of my life at the moment and if my body needs rest who am I to argue?

Nancy Wallace said...

I agree with Perpetua - it's not getting older - it's just what you need at the moment. Enjoy your sleep! It's a blessing.

Anita said...

I love naps!