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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

new design..

Have been feeling creative this week for the first time in ages! So finally I have created my own blog look. Only taken me a year and a half... which for someone who used to do a lot of professional designing is pretty rubbish! Anyway hope you like the new look.... Hope it all works..


Charlie said...

yeah, it's nice! Clever you.

Perpetua said...

Looks good, Red. Very fresh and modern. My only quibble is the font size - much smaller than previously. You tend to write quite long posts and with my poorish sight, I will find them hard to read with so small a font. Otherwise - lovely!

Lucy Mills said...

Ooh..very nice!

Red said...

thanks guys. @perpetua I will address the font size! for some reason it seems to have got smaller but I'm not sure why.. will look into it!