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Sunday, 15 May 2011

More on Human Trafficking

I wrote last week about Human Trafficking having heard Christine Caine of A21 speak at an event I went to. It seems in recent weeks the horror of this crime has been spreading via facebook and twitter far quicker than previously. I really hope that a corner is being turned.
Interesting from The Guardian website yesterday:

Guardian Article.  It discussed the cases of 3 women helped by The Poppy Project here in the UK. (Whose funding has recently been cut). See here: Poppy Project

For example:
For more than 300 days, Abina was incarcerated in the apartment, during which time hundreds of men visited, some black, some Asian, most white, and paid her boyfriend £30 to have sex with her. Men were allowed to beat her, she says, but most were not as aggressive as her boyfriend. He told visitors that they need not use a condom, and when she fell pregnant he punched her so hard Abina lost her baby.

But the problem is far more wide spread than just women.  'Stop the Traffik' also looks at the wider issues of trafficking including children being sold into slavery. Please do check these organisations out...

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