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Sunday, 29 May 2011

GRRRR blogger

Is anyone else stilll struggling with blogger issues? I am so tempted to follow Lesley over to word press. I sometimes can't log in and what's even more annoying is that I can't comment on lots of blogs. It keeps asking me to log in and when I do it just asks me again. and again. and again.. Can anyone help?

In the meantime: some comments that I wanted to post... which won't make much sense by themselves so if you want to know more they are linked...

@ Talking Christian
what a great picture, thank you :) I am so struggling with a close relative who I am building a bridge to, but they are just not building their side! But I feel encouraged by your post. thanks..
@ The Pink Sheep  So sorry you are still looking for somewhere. What a sad advert for the CofE. Maybe you should start your own? (And I'm only half joking...)

@LLM calling  Love the idea of a book of affirmation. Go for it... And I reckon blog comments count just as much!!

@Mad Priest funniest post I have seen relating to last weekends non-rapture!

@Vernacular Curate  Love the idea although I am  slightly dubious about whether this was just a ploy to put a picture of a semi-clad actress on your page ;)

@ looking deeper  yes I comepletely agree!! Things just aren't as exciting when someone tells you. Also I think in terms of learning you remember so much more when discovering something for yourself!

@Revd Lesley  Totally sympathise. Strops always worth it - better out than in - as my nan used to say.  I find throwing stuff helps.. ;) Really hope you are abel to return to work soon, praying for you. xx

In the meantime if you are unable to comment on mine, please feel free to email me:

red :)


Rhoda said...

Someone (actually my mum!) told me that if you uncheck the box to stay signed in to Google then it means you can comment. I haven't tried it yet, but thought I'd pass it on anyway! It has been very buggy recently!

Battersea Boy said...

Agree about comments. Would love to invite @The Pink Sheep to join us for worship at Sleaford Parish Church (if 20miles south of Lincoln isn't too far away for her); unfortunately commenting over there is just impossible.

Perpetua said...

Rhoda, your mum is right. I picked up the tip on the Blogger Help forums and it works. It's a pain having to log-in every time, but once in I can comment without difficulty. As soon as I tick the box, the problem starts all over again.

Red, you're spot on about the problems Blogger is having, but I'm prepared to wait it out until Blogger gets its act together again and deals with the bugs. It has features (like a decent blog list function and visible followers) which don't seem to exist on WordPress.

Lucy Mills said...

I haven't had such horrid problems as you. I lost my 'bar' at the top for a while so had to go to the main blogger page and from there into dashboard to write a new post. Every now and then I have the problem you've experienced; can't remember if and how I solved it or whether I waited it out - I might have unchecked the box in question...can't remember!

I think this is a recognised issue at blogger central at the moment so I'd be tempted to wait it out unless you were already planning a move. I toy with the idea of moving to WP frequently but cannot cope with the effort involved!!

Thanks for the comment :)

Lesley said...

Red, thanks so much for your love and prayers x