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Saturday, 7 May 2011


So, just back from Hillsong Colour Conference, London 2011. Totally inspired and filled with the spirit. Lots to write about for this week, but to capture how I'm feeling right now, these are my 'declarations'  from the scrawl in my notebook - scrawled hastily as I tried to capture the moment this evening, feeling completely and utterly in love with my God, with the Word and with the church...


: STAND tall in faith
: TAKE every thought captive and QUIET the lies of the enemy
: Take STRENGTH from my God
: STAND on Gods promises
: Put UP my Shield
: BE a hero of faith
: MARCH the walls in obedience
: BE a WARRIOR for God
: Will NOT worry about tomorrow
: Be FIERCE but focussed
: SPEAK out Gods word in love
: BE a world-changer. one step at a time
: Will NOT be defined by illness
: STAND up for my calling and my right to teach Gods word,
: SEE the church transformed and rising up
: Will NOT fear man
: Be EMPOWERED as I am, a woman of God
: BE STRONG in who God made ME to be...


Lesley said...

I used to go to conferences like that... the thing is, if you do all those things, who will you become?

Will you have the gift of vulnerability and humility? Will you be able to listen to your own inner disquiet, or will it be caught and silenced? Will you listen to your body when it tells you its tired? Will you become mature as a Christian?

Lucy Mills said...

So glad you had such a positive time and have been filled up. These are such important moments of refreshment for us. I pray God continues to bless you through what you have learned from these moments.

@Lesley - I don't think these things need be either /or. Taking just one example, you can respect the needs of your body without feeling 'defined' by it - I have to do this all the time, but it's so important not to feel defined by my illness.

The good thing about Christianity is that it loves to deal in oxymorons - you can be a vulnerable warrior, for example...knowing God works through our weaknesses.

Of course we need to fill out our definitions, but these additional pieces come at their own time. Plus, this is a summary of a really positive experience - capturing a feeling. Digging out the implications will come later.

T.C. said...

Great positive comments to live by! If you find over time though, some of them elude you, don't be dis-heartened, look back to your notes and regain that spiritual high!

margaretkiaora said...

Thank You for this post-I really needed to read all those statements and re focus myself and my thoughts. Its so easy to let the world and the comments of the wordly wise spoil the work of the Holy Spirit.XX

Red said...

Hey all :)
@Lucy & @TC, yes you're spot on - I was trying to capture the moment so in a low moment I can remember how I felt then.
@lesley, this isn't about changing who I am, just strengthening it. The last few months it has been hard to stay focussed on what God has done for me, when I have felt pretty ropey. So many times I have made decisions based on the way I 'might' feel rather than in actuality. I still need to be aware, but just not to be fearful. And, in terms of the other things you raised, come on, you know how I question stuff! I am not about to stop that - that is how I learn! I am not putting myself in a rigid mould here, just sticking a stake in the ground :)
@Margaret, thanks, always nice to know when a post touches someone else. Be beautiful and strong in Christ :)
red x

abound said...

Unless the Holy Spirit fills your " cup until you want no more", this will be an impossibility!
Richard Hobart

Lesley said...

Sorry to be negative! I guess my experience was that when I believed thoughts came from the enemy I became unwell because I lost trust in myself and didn't hear my subconscious when it spoke disquieting things..

Red said...

not negative - that's just your opinion. And I hear you too :)