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Thursday, 21 April 2011

What should be the correct Easter week prep?

I love the school hols as for the first time (since not working) I can actually enjoy spending time with the kids in the hols rather than stressing about childcare. But my gosh where does the time go? I realised today that it has been a week since my last blog post and yet the post ideas are queueing up!! I literally have not had a spare second... Sadly I can't get the scheduling thing to work for me either. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, blogger obviously has a mind of its own - or perhaps it's a cunning form of censorship...

Anyway it has caused me to think about what one should be doing in 'Holy Week', because mine has been far less than holy I can tell you. I guess last year Easter must have been at the beginning of the hols, but I know that I had time to relfect on Easter before it was upon me. I read a lot about the resurrection last year, I wanted to look at it from different angles and get a real 'handle' on it.

This year, by comparison, my kids have been off school, my husband has been off work, I have been involved in setting up a church 24/7 prayer week and subsequently I think I have prayed less this week than any for the previous 6 months! I'm sure Holy week should be more about gentle reflection than running around like a headless chicken. (Note to self, mention this to school holiday planners before next year...) Has anyone else had this craziness or is it just me?

I realise tonight, as I have come back from setting up for tomorrow mornings kids activities, that it will be Good Friday tomorrow and yet I feel totally unprepared. I have not prayed, I have hardly opened my bible, I feel like I am letting God down.

It's so easy to get bogged down in the busy-ness of life, something I have fallen to in the past, and miss the really important stuff. This is what has happened this week. Last year, as a church, we held an event on Good Friday and I remember feeling exhausted at the end of the day and really could have done with some quiet time and yet this year I am in the same position. Will someone please remind me next year that I should not book anything in Holy Week...


Perpetua said...

Easier said than done, Red, when one has children. Been there, done that and still have the scars to prove it.

Easter blessings xxx

Nancy Wallace said...

I understand the problem, but it occurs to me that Jesus' death and resurrection happened in the middle of ordinary life at a busy time in a busy city with people going about business as usual. Perhaps that's part of the point - God coming where we are even when we let him down.

T.C. said...

I agree, having Easter at the end of the school hols, we did forget a bit about it ourselves!

But it was lovely yesterday to stop and think no, hang on, this is Good Friday the start of a very important event and for the first time we had a really relaxed day at home, with a nice lunch over which we had a laid back conversation with the kids about Good Friday. Then in the evening went to a short reflective communion service. Looking forward to tomorrow!