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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Homosexuality & Faith

I'm reposting this video which I saw over at The Pink Sheep blog, which really spoke to me today. I don't think it's any secret that I haven't quite got my head around what I personally feel about homosexuality in relation to my faith. I have been challenged whilst going through the discernment process for going into ministry in the CofE, and found it hard to come to a particular view point. Pre-Christianity I never had an issue with homosexuality, I've always been a very tolerant person, particularly for those who were persecuted - I always stood up for the underdog. So now, mixing with a lot of people who believe it is a sin has been hard. I struggle with scriptures on the subject because I can't believe that God would condemn anyone for their sexual orientation, but at the same time I accept the bible as Gods word. In fact the bible says he loves us all, as we are and it is not my place to tell somone they are commiting a sin - take the plank out of your own eye before talking about one in your brothers... I am not perfect or a saint and I never want to be in a position of condemning someone for their actions. However I can't quite get to a stand point I feel comfortable with. I should just say this is my personal view. I have quite strong views on lots of things but they are mine, no one elses and whatever I believe is for me and no one else, so in this post I am not suggesting that any particular view is right or wrong. This is a not a forum for a debate on whether homosexuality is a sin. I am just laying down where I am.

So this morning I saw this clip on the Pink Sheeps page. I cried my way through most of it. Please watch it, it is 12 minutes long, but a very moving account by a very brave man, and worth watching. I was sickened by the fact that young people, teenagers, felt that they had no option but to commit suicide after bullying about their sexual orientation. I am staggered that in this day and age in a western country, this could still happen.  I don't care what anyone thinks is right or wrong, it is never right to condemn someone or bully them or put someone down for their sexuality. And I know that I may be put in a position if I get into ministry where I will be expected to say what I think. That is my struggle, and I resent that I am being put in that position, and if it jeopardises my journey, so be it.  But I cannot condemn someone for their sexuality. (I cannot condone it or put it on a par with heterosexuality (my view only)), but I will not condemn it either. I just cannot. We take our words so lightly sometimes but even the bible says the power of life and death is in the tongue. So yes, I may be sitting on the fence and I know that I may get splinters in my bum because of it.  I suspect I will come up against people disagreeing with me, particularly at church, and I won't get the support of the other side as I can't condone it either. But this video made me realise this morning that we should guard our words carefully. I cannot believe that it was Gods will for any of those youngsters to die at their own hands. I may be struggling to come to a viewpoint, but speaking out and into peoples lives like that, is just not acceptable, on any level. How is that spreading a message of love?
I hope you will all read this in the spirit of love in which it is written, no matter which viewpoint you are coming from.


Lesley said...

It made me cry too. Thanks for posting it Red.

The Bible doesn't say that homosexuality is wrong, in my opinion, and the church's approach feels cruel to me.

Have you made contact with Benny Hazelhurst from Accepting Evangelicals?

Phaedrus said...

Hey if you look at the embed code for your video and change the width to something like "540" your video will fit your blog. Just look for width="640" or whatever in your "edit HTML" tag, under the "edit Post" option. ;)

Red said...

Thanks Lesley will look him out :)
And Phaedrus, that has been bugging me on my posts for yonks! Thank you :) what do you know, I can look at html without having a coronary..!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I saw that. (wipes eyes)