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Monday, 28 March 2011

Urgent Prayer Request, please...

I don't usually use this blog for specific prayer requests. Not sure why, just haven't felt do do it really. However I am making an exception. If you feel able or can spare a few minutes could I please ask for prayer for a friend of mine. 'N' had breast cancer last year, underwent chemo and surgery, and was by the end of the year in remission. Throughout the whole thing I know she felt spiritually uplifted and really grew in her relationship with God hugely.
Sadly last week, after suffering some back pain, she went to her GP, only to be sent for a scan which then showed that the cancer had spread to her spine. The prognosis is that, whilst they can treat it, it is not curable at this stage. The best prognosis she can hope for, medically, is to go into remission again, defined as months or years. She is still only in her early 40s.
Tomorrow 'N' has to undergo a further scan to see if it has spread to her liver and lungs. Please could I ask you to pray for her, specifically tomorrow. As a church we will be fasting and praying tomorrow for the following, please join us if you can/or feel able:

1: that N's pain will go and cancer will bow to the name of Jesus in N's body, and for a complete healing and full restorative miracle.

2: that the cancer has not spread any further, eg: to the liver and lungs.

3: that they are able to go on holiday with N's family (due in April) and it does not need to be cancelled due to immediate and necessary treatment. The holiday is signififcant for them as it is abroad to visit her family who they do not see that often, and for family celebrations.

Also, I add: please pray for her family, her husband and 3 children, for them to have strength and comfort at this time. And that God would be with her in a very real and present way, every step of the way.

Thank you for your prayers.


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In my prayers

Perpetua said...

In mine too.

margaretkiaora said...

Will do

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Also praying,

Red said...

thank you all. I, and I know, she, really appreciate it.

Red said...

Quick update, thanks so much for praying. The lungs are clear but there is a slight area of doubt in the lungs so an MRI is scheduled for Thursday. I pray this is clear too. Thankfully they have the ok to go on hols which I know is a huge boost to them all.