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Friday, 18 March 2011

My Friday Group

I lead some worship at a small bible study group locally twice a month (well when I say lead worship, what I actually mean is that I attempt to play my guitar for 20 minutes and sing rather averagely, often after cake and tea which doesn't help...).

I love this group. It is formed of women from several churches, some of whom didn't know each other before attending this group (me included, I only knew 2 of them!). It is a womens group, and what is lovely is that kids are welcome too, which is a total blessing as many womens bible groups are totally non-child friendly. So usually our worship and study is interleaved with wee-stops and nappy changes, which is nice as it breaks any tension. I mean what other kind of group could you pray to your loving heavenly father, interspersed, with 'no, darling mummy is praying right now.... yes ,ok in a minute... err, I forgot what I was saying...  yes Lord we thank you for...... children...'
The nature of this group means that it is different every time, even though we are actually following a study guide at the moment. In fact today started with us trying an experiment as seen on facebook (although not by me of course as I have give it up for lent...) where you try and pop popcorn with 4 mobile phones all ringing at the same time. Of course it didn't work but it was fun trying anyway...

What I love about this group is how we have grown to know each other and our intimate problems in such a short space of time. Women are far more open about any issues they may have and being able to share those and pray for each other, when we know little else about each other, is wonderful. Such a priviledge really. I mean I am ashamed to say I can't remember half of their names each week but I do know when I need to pray for some of them.  We have shared testimonies and stories, swapped recipes and cried together. It is such a blessing to be part of and I thank God for the opportunity to be there.


Perpetua said...

Small groups like this can be both fun and very helpful. Long may yours thrive.

Dreaming Beneath the Spires said...

It sounds lovely!