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Friday, 11 February 2011

We are the sheep

ok, so this is a rather tenuous link to what I thought was a very funny video. h/t my friend Naomi who put it on her facebook page (and I see from Youtube it has had 14 million views so sorry if you've seen it before - I hadn't)
So, I watched this and laughed out loud (please don't tell me it's cruel to the sheep/faked/done with camera trickery/CGI'd etc I don't care, it made me laugh a lot and right now that doesnt happen much!). But (and here's the tenous link..) it just made me think that sometimes we feel like God is herding us a bit like this don't we? 'move here, no not there, over here, no, thats not right for you right now...' but when we finally see the bigger picture (usually looooooong after the event) it all becomes clear. So if you feel like a sheep covered in LED lights right now, remember there is always hope and that HE has a plan to prospoer us and not to harm us. So hang in there....

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