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Monday, 28 February 2011

One Year Blogging Birthday

So today is the anniversary of starting my blog. WOO! A whole year. I love writing but I have started several blogs before and never stuck to them. So I guess this is the 'right' one! So, today's post is a quick reflection on that year.
I started the blog about 2 months after really discovering what God is all about. What a revelation. I have been looking back over some of the past years posts and realise that whilst I have stepped into the life God had planned for me right from the start, I am still the same, questioning things, wanting to know more, seeking. I am so desperate to know God more and I never want to loose that. I said that a year ago and people said, oh you're a new Christian, you will settle into to...' but I still say, I don't want to loose that hunger and desire to learn. Isn't that what keeps us humble?
My first post said this:

So, this is my story and my record of this wonderful journey I am embarking upon. It will be the full account, the whole warts and all approach, from my heart. So I make no apologies for being enthusiastic, over the top or a religious nutcase :) I will wobble, fail and fall, I will doubt and wonder, I know that. Neither is this is not a manual for being a good Christian, it's just my journey and I welcome your comments and questions.

So, I guess that all still stands today. I am still on a journey, I won't apologise for what I write and I welcome comments. In fact some of my favourite posts are not those that have had the most visitors, but those where good debate has happened. Probably because I learn from debating stuff, from questioning and hearing others viewpoints. The post with the most comments was:

That was a really useful debate and half those comments were from me asking things of those who commented. But I learned heaps from it about different approaches.

The O Word and 10 reasons not to become a vicar. also had lots of comments. and how funny to think that just over a year after our renewal of faith I am in the process of seeking ordination. God is full of surprises that's for sure. Those posts were realy useful too because I got off my chest all the things that were bothering me about the calling and most of my flimsy reasons were debunked by those commenting. (In fact the '10 reasons post' is my most visited post!!)

One of my favourite posts was a recent one - controlling the control. Because in all this reflection I have been doing, and via someone elses blog (thanks Emma) I realised something about myself that it has taken me 20 years to recognise!

People often post about why they blog or whether it is valuable in the 'real world', you know 'isn't it just all pretence, just a virtual world?' But I have seen through both my blog and others, how blogging really makes a difference to people on a completely personal level.

So what are my hopes for this coming year? Well, considering the one just gone I am slightly concerned about what God is going to throw at me! But I am excited, ready to listen and grow, and to head along that path he has prepared for me. I hope to know God more and to see him moving in power, to be more loving - to act out my faith, and to learn more.


margaretkiaora said...

Happy Blog Birthday. I have looked forward to your posts and always look for them first on Google Reader. Well Done , don't stop being yourself.

Lesley said...

Congrats. This is one of my favourite blogs by far, as you already know. Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I look forward to keep reading in the following year! Blrssings!

Red said...

awww you are all so lovely. That's another thing I should have written on the post - that is has been so lovely 'meeting' people on here and getting such support and kind words. thank you all, you are lovely :)
red xx

Dreaming Beneath the Spires said...

Congratulations, Red, and Happy Blog Birthday. Mine (Blog B.) is mid-April. It's quite an achievement, isn't it? Like you, I had at least 3 unsuccessful tries at keeping a blog, and this one took!
Blessings, Anita

Red said...

Thanks Anita, I will try and look out for that! yes it does feel like a bit of an achievement, I wasn't going to admit it it but it does!!