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Monday, 6 December 2010

Suggestions Please!!

Is anyone else sick of this snow? My blog has been rather neglected this week with the kids and the husband at home all week (thankfully all back to school today). Anyway I have a dilemna. Next week at my prayer group it is my turn to do 'bible facilitation' for the first time. A group of people take it in turns to do this and usually the passage they discuss is based on the sermon for the week. However next Sunday we have no sermon as the church is holding a party for the kids, and the adults have coffee and a band (should be good fun actually!)So, I have the choice of which passage to discuss. Which is rather like going into a sweet shop and saying you can only have one sweet. Where do I start? Christmas passages are a rather weak choice and actually cannot provoke much discussion, so that leaves about 99.9% of the bible to chose one passage from.
Help! Any suggestions? I need to discuss the passage I choose (or around the subject of it) for about 15 mins and hopefully include some 'audience participation'. It shouldn't be a sermon, but literally just facilitate the reading or understanding of that particular passage and it would be nice it it could be fun as well as interesting.... no tall order then....!


Alan Crawley said...

You could always try the lectionary ;)

Matthew 11:2-11

Do something adventy?

Anonymous said...

Maybe try something like it is better to give than receive since it is quasi-christmasy yet might have some meat to it.

I would pray first though. Ask God what is on His heart that He wants shared with the people who will be there. I believe He will quicken something in your spirit and direct you to the right passage.

Lesley said...

Do an Ignatian meditation on something like the raising of Lazarus - who am I in the passage, how do I feel? What does it tell me about my relationship with God right now..

margaretkiaora said...

Isaiah 55 goes well with Advent and the cost of Christmas(See 'Ready Steady Slow'-an Advent calendar to unwind with. -CHP)

Red said...

thanks all. I am going to look at Advent as a time of expectation and hope, and look at several passages (thats if they ok it first!!). everyone seems to be so mad busy during advent it seems appropriate and Margaret, thanks I hadnt seem the Ready Steady Slow thing before, so will use that too, thanks :)
Lesley, your idea sousnds fab if only I knew what an Ignation Meditation is... ;)