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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Contemplative Prayer

Sorry been a bit remiss this week, have been taking some time easing myself into my new routine, ever so gently. ok, thats a load of... I've actually just been enjoying myself too much. Here comes the gloat... I now have 3 children all at school. thats all day, every day (well 5 of the 7). although, I am slightly sick of the 'you won't know what to do with yourself' comment that I have heard more than once this week... OH YES I BLOODY WILL! but its definitely been a good week!

I used to say that I have been ready for No.3 to start school from the moment she was born - a bit harsh I know and no reflection on her, just that I think I felt I was done with the baby bit and the lack of sleep and the playing train tracks or baby tea parties and discussing nappy rash, the colour of childrens poo and what little Johnny had accomplished this week, and what nursery I was going to chose... oh the politics of nurseries you wouldn't believe...
In actual fact when it came to filling in the form about schools some 12 months ago I was quite tearful and the realisation set in that there would be no more babies, children, teenagers and so on... ;) ANYWAY... this post is supposed to be about contemplative prayer, so that was just a little (or large) intro....

So in my new found time, (which I don't know what to do with...) I have been doing many things including learning about 'contemplative' or 'centering' prayer. I went to a talk about it at our parish church in the summer and was inspired, the lady who did the talk (Rev. Tessa Hollands) was just inspiring, and so calm and peaceful that I thought, I need to know about this! So... I have read the book 'Open Mind, Open Heart' by Thomas Keating (yet more from the Amazon God-book department) and been giving it a go. It is really interesting in that actually it's not contemplative at all, in that its not about contemplating anything, just practicing being in Gods presence - giving time to Him, not even reflecting on it. It's not easy and of course I am just beginning and I do get sidetracked quite easily, but I love that I start my day in this way. I take the kids to school, get back and lock myself away for half an hour to just devote that time to God in total silence.

There are a few points I am struggling with which I will post more about tomorrow but in the meantime has anyone else tried this type of prayer? be great to hear any tips or ideas.


Lesley said...

err... I think that is what I do each evening.. I've nicked the words off the 'sacred space' website

Seeker said...

I try to do this regularly. It's not easy. Distractions are a problem. Someone advised me to take note of the distraction rather than resist it, then symbolically set it aside or 'offer it up' and be open to the possibility that God might use the 'distraction' as a way of telling me something - about me or about God.

SS Firedancer said...

It is awesome being in the presence of God being still and knowing.... That He IS and that HE IS a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.
Thanks for reminding my Red. I unlike you do not have the luxury of not having a kid around as we Homeschool but I am so thankful that E goes a few days a week to another HS'rs house good break for him and me. Hey if you have the time as (I know how busy mothers are when their kiddies are away at school there is always something to do in fact I think more so than the ones who escape the house through work)think you can fit a cupper in would love to chat face to face.
Love ya, S

Red said...

Hey S
yes we must put in a date - bring your diary to church on Sunday!!

SS Firedancer said...

Hey Red just decided to check back in to see if you got back to me. As you can see I left a comment on your other post. Please click into my blog and put in your prayer request (if you want to) as it is a visual for me to remember to pray.
As you probably noticed I was not at church on Sunday. Transport issues when Michael works but truthfully I stayed up too late to catch a ride with Rachel as she was going early LOL
Anyway I am so excited about the doors opening for you and would love to hear your testimony.
Send me a message via email if you can so we can set a date. dcalled1z@yahoo.co.uk
Love ya, Firedancer