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Sunday, 15 August 2010

The reason for blogging

Isn't it funny how it seems to be the 'in thing' to question whether one should continue to blog or not. I have lost count of the number of people who have given up recently. It seems to be that people (and I am referring to no one in particular) are imposing rules on their own blogs and why they do it. Which seems a little strange to me. I mean this is MY blog. I write it for me really. Yes it's nice to get some comments and feedback, and I would be lying if I said don't smile a little when I see I have a new follower. BUT actually it's not about any of you, it's about me getting stuff off my chest. You don't have to read it if you don't want to and I don't temper what I write in case one of you doesn't like it. (no offence :) )

However over the last few weeks I have not blogged as much as usual. Partly because it's the summer hols (oh the joys...) and partly because I have found myself a bit boring of late...

I did start writing this blog some 8 months ago (I think...) to chronicle my journey as a new Christian, partly as a diary of sorts but also I had this vain picture that it might help other new Christians. What has actually happened is that I have challenged myself (or God has) in my own writing, and in reading others comments or others blogs, in various areas of my life, not just faith. This has been unbelievably valuable and I have been surprised at how much I have appreciated others thoughts, concerns and comments when for most of you, we have never met. So in actual fact it has been more of a help to me than anyone else!

I am not sure where I am going with this... bit of a ramble, sorry... I had started writing about something else (will post that later, it is far more interesting than this nonsense), but got sidetracked. Anyway I think what I am trying to say is that on this blog there are no rules. I blog when I feel like it, not because I set myself the task of posting every day, every week or 7 1/2 times a month, just when I feel the need to. It does have a theme in that is related to my journey of faith but I do veer from time to time onto a, possibly only slightly, related subject. But what there is, is me. I won't apologise if one day I take a complete about turn on an issue or if I go against the grain, I am just being me.

So, there, thats said, now onto something more interesting (possibly only slightly...)


Suem said...

Who says there needs to be rules? I blog when I want to and when I have time. It is true though that the more you blog, the more you think of to blog about. That can become a rod for your own back though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I have been blogging for over a year. I have seen bloggers come and go, too. I like your rule.....no rules. My reasons are between me and God. I am being led by his Spirit. When He has me stop I will be on to something else. I have learned alot like you. I have even thought of signing up for a writing critique group now because of blogging. God is using it for many reasons. One, I think, is to give me a love for writing.


SS Firedancer said...

Hi Red,
Thanks for your honesty. In a sense we all are blogging for ourselves. Even if it is like me with an underlying desire to encourage others through my writing to stir up their own gifts. As far as by not allowing yourself or anyone else to put you in a box so to speak of rules concerning your blogging that is a good thing. However we do need each other and each others input so although you think you are doing it for yourself as you are visible to others through your blog you are also doing it for all who read your heart notes. So from me I say thanks because your have, even if it was not your intention been an encouragement.

margaretkiaora said...

I found your comments helpful in your post, and also those of Sue and Tammy and Firedancer.Like REV Gary (late of Archdruid Eileen and now Rev Drayton Parslow -My Gospel right or wrong) I have several Blogs on the go. I have been blogging for 4 yrs now as Bridteacher, that is ME. I blog for the Parish (Filey Parish Blog)as one of a team , that is ME as I think I ought to be. I use Google Reader to access the blogs of others including yours. Your blog helps me , it has a sincerity that is not seeking recognition.
If we are listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit our posts may help people as well as enabling us to 'sound off'. We might never know the one person who stumbles across some words which are 'just for them '. I am beginning to realise that having lots of followers, being on blogrolls of the cyber famous is a tempting lure to get known, and achieve recognition.That is when the posts will start to be ME and Christ will be edged out. So I am growing as I blog. I am trying to say to the Lord, Let the Glory go to you. As I am introduced around the Parish people say 'this is Margaret who does the website'. This was beginning to go to my head! I now have to take captive every proud thought and say 'Take it Lord-its for you'. In our website(parish blog) meetings we pray. Now at our times together we are praying for more people to do posts, and Praise God it has started to happen.
Back to my Bridteacher blog I know I am learning to pray here too before I start tapping out on the Qwerty. I am never short of any thing to say and that is the one thing I am having to receive training from the HS for. It is to do with 'Please Lord keep the door to my lips', which may be translated as 'may I only type what You want me to type'.Knowing when to stop will mark a new maturity in me. I will keep going for a 'season '.
I love that Firedancer uses the word 'heartnotes'-those posts really make a difference to me so keep posting your Apples of Gold until you know to stop.

Red said...

Thank you all, you are too kind :)
and yes, Margaret the glory is all His, I am a mere pawn... (or prawn as my dad used to say...)
red x