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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wake me Up by Martyn Joseph

I have been a fan of Martyn Joseph for a long time. I love the passion he puts into his songs. I've seen him in tears on stage, the amount of emiotion he puts into them. Amazing songwriter. This song is one of my faves, this is where I was before, 'my soul was asleep'. love the lyrics. I like that many of his songs have Christian content but in a subtle way. We've taken so many friends along to see him gig, and regardless of their faith they all love the music. This is not the best recording but it is the only one I could find online.

What the press say about him:
Strong, burnished vocals, passionate and reflective songs about love, personal and political activism, and questions of faith in a troubled world set to intimate, acoustic-based accompaniment.

that just about says it all...


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I wanted to tell you that God TV is rebroadcasting the Big Church Day Out. I am watching Hillsong right now. Love them!

I just think it is so cool that I have a bloggie friend in the UK. I'm trying to go see Hillsong, but they are not coming to Miami this time. So Sad....


Red said...

oh how cool! they were awesome...:)

where are you based? I am guessing the US but not sure if thats 'cos you said so already!

well just think, next time they come it will be sooo worth the wait! :)