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Friday, 9 July 2010

Comments on being a Vicars spouse

Ok so this topic has been covered a lot this week, thanks to BBCs latest religion inspired sitcom 'Rev'. Sadly I have failed to watch it yet, despite the fact that I ringed it in the paper weeks before it began and left myself notes to sky+ it. I still forgot. Twice in fact. One week is bad enough but to do it again is just rubbish. And I realise that I haven't put it on the planner for next week - must go do that actually.

Several people have posted on the joys (or not) of being married to a Vicar. Being someone that is half thinking of/maybe considering/wondering if God wants it/really not sure/ok in complete denial about this choice of career, I have found them interesting and at times hilarious. (although I have felt a strong need to keep my husband away from all such posts!!)
My faves are Lesley's lists (think there are 3 now!) and the comments, and The Vicars wife. All of which I recommend!

These are a few of the points that made ma laugh:

- people come round to talk about their problems, you say "It's our day off", they say "Oh good, I'll stay for a coffee.
- You sometimes have to have the bishop around for tea.
- Nobody tells you their dirty jokes anymore...
- You can't misbehave outrageously in public.
- People judge you on whether your house is clean and tidy
- You were not "called" to be a bloody vicar's wife (husband) and you don't get paid for it.
- You feel you have to give a reasonable amount of your (very limited) income to the church if you are going to ask parishioners to do likewise – you sometimes resent this when one of them tells you about their third holiday that year...
- (posted by The Vicars wife): He has to chop logs outside my kitchen window to get the fuel we need to heat our Vicarage. This is a very good view when I am washing up.
- And finally, as told in a seminar on a Vicar’s wives conference once: ‘The advantages of midweek daytime sex cannot be overstated’.

So its not all bad then... ;) when can I start?!

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