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Monday, 14 June 2010


Yesterday I shared my testimony at our village chapel.
I was, frankly, crapping myself, in advance. Even though they are lovely people and I knew most of them already. But I was laying out my life, stripped bare, and so making myself very vulnerable. But I know this was Gods plan for me to share it and I am sure there will be other opportunities to do so, so I felt strong. And before hand I prayed, a lot, and when the time came there were no nerves, no nervous twitching of paper (a habit I have!) and all went well. They laughed in the right places, looked on with sympathy at the bad stuff and were joyful at my salvation.
I feel very blessed, with some wonderful friends, my beautiful family, and we lack nothing (well nothing essential, although I think my husband is coveting the neighbours huge flat screen TV...) and God is good :)
Thank You Lord.

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