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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Something that came up in the Living Free course I am doing: 'We are in the business of being changed'.

We should be prepared to change. Hands up who can point out someone who has been a Christian for years and yet refuses to be moved on issues or listen to new ideas? Having served on the PCC of a village church some years back I came across several of these types! (no judgement here though...;) )The line used at the course was 'we are in the business of being changed' and I thought that was a great line - I mean the whole point about getting saved is that we are changed, through Christ, and we should go on being changed by him, for our entire earthly lives.

We are in Christ, so change needn't be scary - we can lean on him. so why are people who profess to be Christians so alien to change...?


Anonymous said...

Yes....we are being transformed from Glory to Glory. This last year I have really been changing. More of Him and less of Me. It was a very much needed change. :)


Just Be Real said...

So very true Red. Change is happening in me as I let go more and more of me and take on more and more of Him. Great post. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.