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Saturday, 8 May 2010


ok so this is slightly off the usual faith stuff, but will someone please tell me how to deal with a very tetchy teenager?
I am tired tonight. I have been out all day. I have little patience. I just want to sleep. So I thought, what would be a nice idea? - a movie with dinner, vegging in front of the telly. but that has been wrong on every level. The dinner is horrible, Teenager is still hungry, I wouldn't let her cook curry (at 5 mins notice) therefore I am 'so unfair'. I wouldn't pass a bowl to said TA, when she was stood right next to the cupboard, so I am lazy. When trying to watch said movie I didn't answer a question so 'I never listen'. Apparently the movie is stupid and why can't we watch something we all want to watch...? TA stomps from room...
Just as I am writing this, feeling like I am a terrible mother and will never understand my daughter, she comes down and says, shall we do facepacks? I guess that is teenage speak for 'sorry Mum', not that she would ever admit it.
I am now sat with a near immobile face and TA is smiling. All this has taken maybe 7 minutes... I'm not sure how many years of this I can take. By the time this TA is off at uni the younger ones will be going through it. ARGHHHH!!!
Tonight was horrid.
On top of that will someone tell me how to get this wretched facepack off?


Lesley Fellows said...

Poor you, I am only just starting on this and feeling helplessly out of touch. For a start they are into social media in a big way, and secondly I have never seen myself as clingy but I am feeling really odd about letting go already when I hardly feel they have been out of nappies.

On the upside you are going to have very clear pores by the time this is over!

Oh and I was a DREADFUL teenager and so I don't feel I have the moral high ground.

Sorry - not a very helpful comment I know!

Red said...

Thanks Lesley!
I too was an awful teenager. really truly horrid. If I moan about the TA to my Mum she just has this wry little smile and says nothing... Underneath she's probably thinking 'payback time...' !

Suem said...

I have two TAs. Yes, TA x 2!!!!

I used to have two gorgeous little boys. I remember coming in late from an open evening at work and my son ( about seven or eight years old) was just going to bed. When he saw me, he flung his arms open and said, "my wonderful, beautiful mummy is home."

Now, if I ask a civil question I often get one word answers, such as "WOT" or "DUNNO" in a tone ranging from boredom to irritation to mild contempt. That's if I'm lucky...

Red said...

That's what I am dreading. My son (now 6) is always the most affectionate of my 3 and he just gives his love so freely. He is always saying 'I love you so much Mummy' and when I say 'I love you too' he says 'but I love you SO MUCH'. its so lovely! I know it will hit me harder when he gets to that stage, than the girls.
I guess we just have to hang in there, they will come out the other side as well rounded individuals (at least I really hope so...!)