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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

difference of opinion - part 2

one of my friends (Hi L!) said to me this morning - you do discuss some deep topics on your blog don't you? I laughed. but I do think its important. I have spent so many years just shelving anything that I didn't want to hear or couldn't address, and I'm not prepared to do it any longer. If something occurs to me, if God puts something in my head, I now address is straight away rather than let it fester and getting feedback on here from others with a very wide range of opinions is very helpful, so I thank you all :)
Covering all this stuff does mean that sometimes I get a bit full on, for which I apologise, but I just need to do that right now.

So... following on from yesterdays post, thank you all who commented it has been really useful and although I haven't been back to it for a couple of days I have been mulling things over. In fact I read all the references people left and looked at various others too, and it has made me think a lot! but the thing that surprised me most of all is the level of hatred and loathing towards those who are gay. I had no idea that in our society such vehemence could exist towards others. In fact it is sickening that because of one persons sexual chosing they should be so demonised. I think that is the one single thing that has shaped my feelings most. As Lesley said, Jesus was always on the side of the downtrodden, and as Christians aren't we supposed to be emulating him? I have to say there is nothing like an underdog to make me stand up for them!, and that isn't because I am specifically trying, it's just part of me. and the thing I have realised is that actually it really doesnt matter (to me) about homosexuality. Why should I feel the need to have it labelled as 'right' or 'wrong'? because either way we are all Gods children. If I were ever to be in a position of having to counsel someone on this, my advise would be to listen to God. If you are in a loving relationship and feel that God is happy with it, then go with it. I guess the issue arises when someone in a loving homosexual relationship feels that they are doing wrong (and I have had one friend go through this recently which is probably another reason why I am trying to get my head around it). I guess its about acceptance of anyone, no matter what their background, their past, their sexual prefernce (and I know this is a pretty bloody obvious thing to say ) and maybe I just needed to be reminded of that.
As Alan said over on his blog:

'...why we can't accept that we have differences of opinion over this and recognise that we are all trying to follow the teachings of Jesus as best we can?'

So for now, I don't have an opinion either way and I intend to stay that way. I am sitting on the fence, which is very unlike me. In fact this is another new thing I have learned about myself, from this debate, which is that I don't have to have a strong opinion on everything. (You have no idea how much it pains me to admit this!!). But I do know that we are called to love each other
A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34

Jesus said love one another AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. so that should be our example...


John said...

Good for you. It is nice to see people using their own ability to reason to come to these kinds of conclusion. I have been just where you are now, and until just recently have "come out of the closet" about my feelings in this regard. You may have already read this, but my copastor wrote a very challenging article on this subject here: http://thedistillerychurch.org/?p=646

Godspeed in your journey. :)

Red said...

thank you :) great link too, which I havent read before.
red x