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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

testimony update

A quick update... last night I shared our testimony at prayer group. It was great! I got through it without blubbing, people sympathised at the right places and laughed at the funnies. I played my songs and although I felt like my voice was shaking as I was so nervous everyone was very positive about them. Someone even suggested I sing them to our worship leader! (not sure I am quite ready for that!)I have been trying to post one here but I only seem to be to post videos so I will have to try and work on that!

It was so lovely to be able to share our story and everyone was so lovely about it aftewards. They shared some beautiful prayers for us, which was really touching.

I just thank God for everything he is doing in our lives and for these amazing people we have shared with.

Thanks for all those who prayed for me in advance, I really appreciate it. xx


Anonymous said...

That is just great! So glad it went well. I think it is amazing that you are able to write your own songs and sing them. That is a gift from Him.


Lesley Fellows said...

Sounds amazing x x