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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Who am I?

Man, why are things never simple, been trying to post this for ages... does anyone know whow you get the youtube clip actually in your post, rather than as a link....?

Anyway... I love this song by Casting Crowns - the lyrics are awesome and always make me think. In this clip the hand thing is pretty cool too!


Alan Crawley said...

You click the embed button on the You Tube page and copy the code that it gives you. Then you switch to your blog and click on the Edit HTML page and then paste what you copied from You Tube. Then switch back to the compose tab. Hope that all makes sense

Red said...

thanks Alan, will give that a go!
red x

Red said...

Hurrah!! thank you Alan.

Alan Crawley said...

You're welcome. It looks good.