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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

a very short rant...

I have to admit that this week I am struggling to find God time - well I'm struggling to find as much as I would like anyway. Too much on at work... so no huge post today, but just a few rambled thoughts:
Today I heard on the radio that some young men who get their girlfriends (or just girls) pregnant, are complaining about the lack of rights they have over the pregnancy. If the girl choses to abort they complain, if she choses to have it they complain... Do any of these young guys actually think about the unborn child? or whether they are going to be the one who carries it for 9 months, gives birth and then brings it up? I won't start a rant, I'm too tired, but it did make me cross.
Last week I read a post from Lesley about current advice for teenagers about sex, which pretty much seems to be encouraging it. (do read Lesleys post, click here, it is very interesting.) Who writes this rubbish? I mean are there not enough teenage pregnancies in this country already? are there not enough 'kids' bringing up children when they are only children themselves? I am appalled that my teenage daughter could get this kind of education at school without me knowing it (thankfully for me, its only 'up north' at the mo, although thats little comfort to those parents of teenagers in Sheffield).
If you've read my testimony you'll know I did get PG at 21, single, and chose to have the baby. So I know how bloomin' hard it is being a single mother with no money. And I at least had support from my family and had at least finished my school education.
Frankly I think a bit more of the 'keep it in your trousers' approach would go a long way.

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